Drone Video Services

Drone Video Services

Drone Video

At VUMEDIA Group we have flown hundreds of hours using drones to create aerial video footage for customer’s projects. Drone video can add a unique perspective to any video project.

For customer projects we work with our customers to determine when and where drone video footage makes sense. We then assist the customer with integrating the drone video footage into their project where it makes sense to do so. While drones are great, we prefer to use them sparingly, drones cannot replace traditional video footage.

Drone footage can establish the scene and help show the big picture, but it should only be used to complement the rest of the story.


We have worked with major commercial customers to provide aerial drone video footage for commercial projects such as television commercials, online footage, and more


We can film events large or small. We have filmed major events such as concerts, boat races, car shows, and more. We work with you to identify the critical shot list, timeline, and footage requirements

Real Estate

We can create aerial drone video footage for commercial real estate as well as residential real estate properties. Don't forget to ask about our real estate photography services


We can create aerial drone video footage for your wedding, music video, small business promotional video and more. Drones can increase the production quality of almost any video

Why Choose Us

  • FAA Part 107 licensed for commercial operations
  • Commercial General Liability insured
  • Years of industry experience
  • Save costs with video/photo combo packages
  • Latest camera equipment and techniques
  • Familiar with unique commercial real estate requirements

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