Dance Video Services

Dance Video Services

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At VUMEDIA Group we can your next dance recital, dance video, or music video.

For dance recitals we use a minimum of two cameras for wide and closeup shots and we work with you to ensure we capture the entire event.

For music videos and dance videos, we can help with the lighting, venue selection, script writing, and more.

Contact VUMEDIA Group today to start the collaboration process.

Mystical's Dance Company

Reosemary Youth Ballet

Dance Recitals

We can film your dance recital event to include multiple cameras audio, video, and more

Dance Video

Dance videos are popular these days. We can work with you to write a dance video script that will help your dance group stand out from the rest


We can help you add unique elements to your production such as aerial drone footage, underwater footage, and more

Indoors / Outdoors

We can film both indoors as well as outdoors depending on the script. We can also film in multiple locations as needed

Why Choose Us

  • Years of industry experience
  • Latest camera equipment and techniques
  • Save costs with video/photo combo packages
  • Fast turnaround, typically within 3 days
  • Can assist with posing, lighting, and venue staging
  • Familiar with unique dance and music video requirements

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