Headshot Photoshoot Checklist

Headshot Photoshoot Checklist


We want your headshot photo session to go as smoothly as possible and to ensure that your results meet your needs and exceed your expectations. To do that we need your help. We created this checklist to help you prepare for the day of the studio photo shoot. The items in this checklist will ensure that you bring everything you need for photo shoot day,


  • Help us help you – If there is a look that you are going for or an image that you have seen somewhere that you like send it to us prior to the session or show us on your phone during the session so that we can help you achieve that look.
  • Minimal Makeup – Unless it is a styled shoot or makeup artist session, we recommend minimal makeup. The camera will detect and display makeup issues that are not detectable to the human eye especially in the studio (smudges, too much, missing areas, etc.). It is best to use as little as possible.
  • Spray Tans – If at all avoid getting a spray tan prior to your headshot photo session. Studio lighting in particular will clearly identify any unevenness in a spray tan and this is very difficult to fix later.
  • Arrive on time – we set up the studio or arrive at the location at the time necessary to start the session on time. If you arrive late you are cutting into your session time or we may be unable to complete your session if we have someone arriving soon after your session was supposed to end.
  • Stay connected – keep your phone charged and nearby. On the day of the photo shoot we may need to give you last minute instructions. Or you may have problems finding the studio, the venue, or the specific location where we are supposed to meet.
  • Control Sweat – We recommend that you bring something to pat down your face to reduce and control sweat. Sweat creates bright spots when lighting hits it (especially in the studio) so we recommend bringing something to control sweat especially if it is an outdoor session. We do not recommend trying to use makeup to control sweat, simply patting down your face is much better.


  • Multiple Outfits – Even for headshots we recommend bringing a backup outfit or at least a backup top in case something happens to your planned outfit, you want variety later, or you do not like the colors or look after the first few test images.


  • Hair accessories – hair accessories are a very easy way to completely change your appearance. Pony tails, buns, bobbi pins, etc. can help add a different look that may turn out to be your favorite footage. Bring your favorite hair accessories to complete your look
  • Fashion Accessories – For professional headshots (and most headshots in general) we recommend minimal accessories such as jewelry or earrings.

Outdoor Headshots

  • Control Sweat – controlling sweat is particularly important for outdoor headshots. Sweat creates shiny spots where it is uncontrolled and this is nearly impossible to fix later
  • Bug Spray – Getting bit by bugs during your photo session can ruin the session, bring bug spray for outdoor headshot photo sessions

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