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What is a Comp Card?

Comp card is short for composite card and at VUMEDIA Group we recommend that all models and actors have current comp cards for self promotion and auditions. Comp cards are a great marketing tool that is like a visual resume for models and actors. Of course headshots are important as well, but a comp card provides potential clients a range of diverse looks that help you get seen by the industry.

Model Comp Cards

Model comp cards are typically focused towards the fashion industry with a range of editorial looks that are like a spread in a fashion magazine. Submitting model comp cards to modeling agencies significantly increases your chances of getting selected for more projects by presenting a range of looks that allow the casting director to envision you in their project.

Actor/Actress Comp Cards

Actor/Accress comp cards are more focused on a lifestyle type look such as seated at a coffee shop, talking on a cell phone, or walking into a building. These types of looks help you get seen and selected by casting director for a wider variety of roles both video as well as photography.

Comp Card Services

At VUMEDIA Group we can quickly create your comp card footage in a single session by shooting a variety of outfits, poses, headshots, editorial style shots, and full length poses.

Recommended Comp Card Size

We recommend a “8.5 x 5.5” print with a headshot on the front and 3-5 images on the back. This many images provides the variety that a casting director needs to make a hiring decision for an upcoming project.

When To Hand Them Out

Once you have comp cards you should keep some with you whenever possible. In the car, glove compartment, a few in your purse, etc. You never know when you will meet a fashion designer, modeling agent, casting director, etc. You should also take a stack of them with you when applying to an acting role, at fashion shows, and in particular at runway fashion shows. They are your resume, business card, and contact information, and advertising all in a single card.


Ultimately comp cards are a great marketing tool that both models and actors/actresses should use to showcase their work and to help them get seen and get work. At VUMEDIA Group our goal is to get you seen and get you work which in turn helps us get seen and get more clients. Comp cards are a critical advertising tool that no model or actor should be without.

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