Wedding Video Services

Wedding Video Services

Holly and David


At VUMEDIA Group we can film your wedding day using either photography or video. From the grand entrance to the sparkler send off, we can be there on your big day to capture every moment.

We use the same professional camera equipment, lighting equipment, post processing techniques, and fast delivery for every type of video shoot including wedding videos.

We also create a custom website that is available for at least 3 months for each of our wedding clients. Wedding clients also get a version of their website that they can download to a USB drive.

Special Moments

Essence of Love

Drone Video

We can use aerial drones to film your wedding venue and wedding activities from the air. When you want to establish the scene, nothing does it better than drones


We can film your wedding using traditional cameras to capture the details of the wedding. We specialize in creating highlight reels of the wedding in a social media ready format


We can film audio voiceovers prior to the big day such as the vows, wedding promises, and more. In the video we can use the voice overs to add additional impact to the video footage.

Fast Turnaround

We can usually deliver the couple's wedding video within 3-4 days depending on the duration of the wedding. Wedding photos are typically completed in less than 48hrs

Why Choose Us

  • Years of industry experience
  • Latest camera equipment and techniques
  • Save costs with video/photo combo packages
  • Fast turnaround, typically within 3 days
  • Can assist with posing, lighting, and venue staging
  • Familiar with unique wedding video requirements

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