Orlando Swim Week 2022 – Meet Faith Lynn

Check out an Orlando Swim Week 2022 Model - Faith Lynn

At VUMEDIA Group we are bringing you an exclusive behind the scenes look as the Go Swimwear USA swimsuit models prepare to compete at Orlando Swim Week 2022. For this week we are introducing you to Faith Lynn, a Go Swimwear USA swimsuit model who is preparing for Orlando Swim Week 2022.

In this series, we show you what happens behind the scenes to produce the photography and video footage that is used to promote swimsuit brands, swimwear models, and swimwear runway fashion shows.

For this series we filmed from the air using aerial drone video, from the ground using cinema cameras, and even underwater. We produced both photography and video footage that will be used to promote the models, the brand, and the event.

Stay tuned for future episodes of this series and contact us to start your next creative project.

Orlando Swim Week - Faith Lynn
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