Real Estate Video Checklist

Real Estate Video Checklist


We want your property to look its absolute best for your potential viewers. To do that we need your help. We created this checklist to help you prepare your property for our videographers. The steps in this checklist will ensure that your property will look its absolute best in the real estate video.


  • Ensure all light fixtures work properly
  • Ensure towels are neatly folded on all towel holders
  • Turn on all interior lights on the day of the photo shoot
  • Remove area rugs to show more floor space
  • Clean all windows, glass, stainless steel, and marble surfaces
  • Dust everything
  • Ensure all curtains are open and look fresh
  • Open all window blinds and door covers
  • Clear refrigerators of magnets, fingerprints, calendars, etc.
  • Ensure all beds are made and bathrooms are clean
  • Hide trashcans, cleaning supplies, medication, magazines, books
  • Hide exposed power cords whenever possible
  • Turn on all ceiling fans
  • Turn off computer monitors, and televisions
  • Hide all religious symbols
  • Hide sports memorabilia if possible


  • Prune trees and foliage, cut grass
  • Ensure all light fixtures work properly
  • Turn on all exterior lights (twilight shots only)
  • Clean/sweep the driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, staircases, pools
  • Hide all trashcans, garden tools, kids toys
  • Ensure all vehicles are in the garage or out of sight
  • Hide all pool supplies, straighten pool/lawn furniture


  • Ensure there are no leaves on the roof
  • Gutters should be empty and clean
  • Cars that cannot fit in the garage should be parked well away from the property
  • Pool enclosures should be free of debris
  • Docks should be clean and tidy
  • Children’s play sets should be neat and tidy, with all toys put away or hidden
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