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At VUMEDIA Group as time permits we occasionally collaborate with other creative professionals in the fashion and modeling industries. These types of collaborations help new models obtain content that help them get noticed, introduces new Tampa arrivals to the Tampa modeling industry, and is sometimes used by VUMEDIA Group to test new equipment, ideas, venues, formats, and more.

For these creative collaborations our goal is to ensure that both the model and the studio gets the most beneficial results from the collaboration. Below is a checklist that we have created to help models prepare for their creative collaboration.


  • Camera Ready – For most creative collaborations a hair and makeup artist is not available (unless it is a beauty or high fashion session) so arrive camera ready (hair and makeup already done)
  • Watch YouTube – If this is your first modelling photo shoot we strongly recommend that you go to YouTube and watch other models describe the poses and the process. If this is a new creative modeling area for you, then we recommend that you watch YouTube or study sample images that represent the look you wish to achieve
  • Practice posing – if this is your first modelling photo shoot you should practice posing in front of the mirror because once you are in front of the camera you will not be able to see yourself
  • Help us help you – If there is a look that you are going for or a pose that you have seen somewhere online that you want to try, send it to us and we will help you achieve that look in the studio
  • Get some rest – get a good night’s sleep ahead of time. If you are tired it will show in the footage
  • No makeup – use minimal or no makeup; the more makeup you wear the more problems we may have when retouching your footage if your makeup is uneven or does not match your look. Minimal or no makeup is best and makes it easier for us to retouch the footage in post as needed. The exception to this rule is if this is a glamour shoot and you use a makeup artist who can fix your makeup during the session
  • No Spray Tans – spray tans are the absolute worst thing we work with when post processing footage. They look even to the human eye but the camera picks up every detail which will make your skin look splotchy with uneven color. If you want a tan we can very easily add one during the retouching phase.
  • Arrive on time – we set up the studio and prepare to start the photo session at the scheduled time. If you arrive late you are cutting into your session time or we may be unable to complete your session if we have someone arriving soon after your session was supposed to end
  • Stay connected – keep your phone charged and nearby. On the day of the photo shoot we may need to give you last minute instructions. Or you may have problems finding the studio. If we cannot reach you we may be unable to complete the studio session


  • The more outfits the better –  we always tell our models to bring as many outfits as possible. We can film many different looks very quickly with the right model. For creative collaborations unless the session is focused on a single specific creation, we recommend that models bring any outfits that they have not yet used and that they feel will create the footage that they need or want for their portfolio of past work
  • No patterns – do not wear outfits that have patterns, logos, or pinstripes. Solid colors are best.
  • Underwear colors – bring different colored underwear. If your underwear is neon pink and you are wearing a white dress it will be very obvious in the footage (unless that is the look you are going for). Ensure you bring different colored underwear that matches your outfits.
  • Strapless bras / Pasties – Bra straps are unsightly and nearly impossible to properly hide on set. Few outfits can properly hide bra straps and fewer still can hide them from the camera. Always wear strapless bras or pasties for photo shoots. We cannot remove most bra straps through editing and even if we do there will be an additional processing charge due to the amount of time that it takes
  • Bra colors – similar to underwear colors, bring bra colors that match the outfits that you will wear
  • Exceptions – If this is for a fashion designer or a clothing brand then the outfit combinations will need to align with their brand’s vision and look
  • Send us pictures – send us pictures of the outfits you plan to wear. We can help you leave some at home if we do not feel they will compliment your session or recommend that you bring different ones instead


  • Hair accessories – hair accessories are a very easy way to completely change your appearance. Pony tails, buns, bobbi pins, etc. can help add a different look that may turn out to be your favorite footage. Bring your favorite hair accessories to complete your look
  • Fashion accessories – Eyeglasses, purses, high heels, etc. could complete that perfect look. Bring any accessories that you think will help your outfits.


  • Heels – high heels help add definition to the legs and can also change your posture in positive ways. Bring multiple pairs of high heels even if this is just a head shot. Sometimes wearing your favorite pair of heels can change the look of the photo shoot footage.
  • Comfortable shoes – we frequently have to walk to get to the next photo shoot location, especially for street fashion photo shoots, we recommend that you bring a comfortable set of shoes for walking or for those times we need to walk in the sand or grass where heels would become a problem.
  • Barefoot –  are you more comfortable barefoot? If you are comfortable then we are comfortable. Consider posing barefoot to have a different look and feel


At VUMEDIA Group we provide a pretty even mixture of both photography and video; creative collaborations can frequently include video as well. While photography is about posing, video is about movement. If you are not used to filming video, practice your transitions between poses and movement in the mirror prior to the session. Also, for video, flowing outfits work best; anything that can catch the wind or accentuate your movement will improve the outcome of the video.

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