Real Estate Video Services

Real Estate Video Services

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At VUMEDIA Group we have years of experience filming residential and commercial real estate listings using both aerial drones as well as using traditional video cameras.

We are familiar with the specific needs of real estate listing clients and we work with our clients to determine their specific footage requirements, to obtain the address of the property and to coordinate when to be onsite.

We believe in speed, our real estate video customers typically get their footage within 3 days of the video shoot via a direct download link to the footage created during the video shoot or via a shareable YouTube link.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Video

Sample Residential Real Estate Video

Sample AirBNB Promo Video

Real Estate Agent Promo Video

Drone Video

We can film residential real estate listings using high quality aerial drone video to create up to 4K videos of the property.

Time Lapse Video

We can create time lapse footage to showcase a real estate property in unique ways

Exterior Video

We can use traditional cameras from the ground to create high quality video footage of the exterior of the real estate property.

Photo / Video

We use high quality professional video equipment to film the interiors of residential and commercial real estate properties

Why Choose Us

  • Years of industry experience
  • Latest camera equipment and techniques
  • Save costs with video/photo combo packages
  • Fast turnaround, typically within 3 days
  • Can assist with posing, lighting, and venue staging
  • Familiar with unique hype/promo video requirements

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