Underwater Video Services

Underwater Video Services

Pool Day


At VUMEDIA Group we offer underwater video services for many types of videos.

We have shot underwater video for everything from modeling swimsuit videos to commercial real estate videos.

Underwater video provides a unique perspective that will help your promo, modeling, hype, or event video stand out from the rest

Orlando Swim Week BTS

Model Spotlight - Swimsuit Edition

Real Estate

Orlando Swim Week BTS

Drone Video

We can use drones to show the big picture for the venue and surrounding area

Promo Video

We can work with you to create the promo video for the fashion show

Photo / Video

We can film the runway fashion show using both photography and video

Fast Turnaround

Photos from the fashion show are usually delivered within 24hrs and the video within 3 days

Why Choose Us

  • Years of industry experience
  • Latest camera equipment and techniques
  • Save costs with video/photo combo packages
  • Fast turnaround, typically within 3 days
  • Can assist with posing, lighting, and venue staging
  • Familiar with unique fashion show photo/video requirements

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